Big File Tool - Sort Lines

The Text Mechanic's "Big File Tools" are built to process large files that can not be loaded into a browser's text area. To load a file click the "Load File" button and then click "Process" button to process loaded file. Processed file will then load into your browser's download folder as the unique file name listed next to the "Process" button. Be sure to select your needed line break formatting from the "Unix" or "Dos" buttons below. Use "Dos" for files to be opened in Microsoft Notepad. This tool will sort lines alphabetically, naturally, random, length or reverse. Alphabetical case sensitive sorting is the most efficient function and is best for large files. Natural sort is resource intensive and best used with smaller files. Alphabetically and naturally Sorting position can be altered via the "Sort by delimiter" option. Randon sort will randomize text lines. Length sort will arrange lines fron smallest to largest. Reverse sort will reverse line order.
Sort by delimiter* at column number *Blank for characters/letters, space for words, etc.
Sort by: alphabetical case sensitive alphabetical case insensitive natural case sensitive natural case insensitive random length reverse.
Loaded file name will display here.
Saved file name will display here.
Line break format: Unix Dos.
NOTE: This tool requires a HTML5 equipped browser. Download the latest version of Firefox or Chrome browser.
Privacy of Data: This tool is built-with and functions-in Client Side JavaScripting, so only your computer will see or process your data input/output.
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